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Tackle Twill: A Guide

Save Stitch Count with Appliqué


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A classic design technique used in garment decoration is known as appliqué, also known by many people as Tackle Twill. Even if you haven’t heard the term before, you most likely have seen the design effect on sports uniforms from Little League to the NFL. In this blog, we explore Tackle Twill and how it works. 


What is Tackle Twill? 


Tackle Twill is an embroidery method that involves replacing part of a design with fabric instead of thread to save on stitch count or create a unique look. 


Using tackle twill for emblem backgrounds or to fill large areas reduces the stitch count and the cost of mascots and logos. Tackle twill appliqué works great for creating mascot logos to be sewn onto school or team sweats, hoodies, and jackets.



Tackle Twill or the appliqué method is most often used for letters or numbers, but any shape can be custom cut into a twill patch or appliqué to be sewn onto fabric. 



Here’s How It Works:  3-step Process  


  1. First, we create a placement line to show where to place the piece of fabric.



  1. Then, we sew the attachment line to hold it to the garment. 



ZigZag Stitch: Is a very open column that will run over the edge of the patch allowing the edge of the patch to be slightly visible but still held down. The ZigZag stitch is often used for Tackle Twill that will be on a sports jersey, because it is a durable stitch. 

Satin Stitch: Is a band or column stitch that is solid and will completely cover the edge of the twill patch for a finished look. 

Run Stitch: Is a straight stitch that leaves the edge of the fabric loose and will hold the fabric down slightly inside the edge by 1-2mm. This is handy if you are sewing a patch that already has a merrow edge.

3. Lastly, we sew the rest of the design. We will also provide an EPS cut line file so you can use that to cut out the shape of the fabric.


BONUS:  If you are interested in pre-stitched and pre-layered patches, our sister company Arrow Emblems specializes in creating Tackle Twill patches!  

Click to see more samples on the Arrow Emblems' web site.  



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