Unrivaled quality, ideal for any job, press on virtually any material!

Our innovative process ensures a less rubbery feel at a fraction of the cost of industry giants. Benefits include achieving fine design details, the flexibility of hot or cold peel options, quick turnaround times, and getting superior results by using safer, low-temperature heat press.

Our user-friendly website streamlines ordering with no minimums and no setup costs. Single transfers or gang sheets available!

We believe our new product will surpass all others. Order a FREE sample kit today and discover the Ignition Drawing difference!


Direct-to-Film Gang Sheets

Why direct-to-film transfers from Ignition Drawing?

Excellent Service Higher Quality Better Results
Lower price and quick turnaround time Vibrant color and fine detail Flexibility of hot or cold peel
Easy-to-use website Less shiny look Safer, low-temperature heat press
No minimum orders and no setup costs Less rubbery feel Apply to virtually any material
  • Value Pricing: Industry giants charging $0.06 per square inch; our average job is around 2.5 cents per square inch
  • Unrivaled Quality: Cutting-edge technique delivering the pop and vibrancy of screen printing
  • Great Texture: Innovative product with a more attractive and less rubbery texture
  • Flexibility of Hot or Cold Peel: Freedom to peel immediately or at a more convenient time
  • Low Temperature Press: Only 10 seconds at 295 degrees Fahrenheit required for our transfers
  • Versatility Across Materials: Transfers work seamlessly on cotton, 100% polyester, and everything in between
  • Easy-to-Use Website: Simplified ordering process
  • No Minimum Order Requirements or Set-Up Costs: Our digital process excels from 1 piece to 10,000 with no additional charges
  • Quick Turnaround Time: As fast as 2-day turnaround time coupled with 2-3 day shipping

Trust Ignition Drawing for expertise, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in every aspect of your transfer needs.
Elevate your expectations, elevate your transfers with Ignition Drawing.

  • Hot or Cold Peel Transfers

  • Simple or Complex Designs for Transfers

  • Single Direct-to-Film Transfers