The Ignition Drawing Story

In my 3rd year at UC Berkeley I got the entrepreneurial bug and started a licensed apparel business, selling Cal and Stanford merchandise at football games and bookstores. After graduating I merged my business with my parents small town trophy shop. I loved Corel Draw and learned to redraw ugly jpegs into clean art ready to be laser engraved or printed. It was hard to be an efficient artist when I was also working 10 hours a day as the salesman, accountant, production coordinator, and janitor.

In 2002 I got a spam email offering 24-hour art by email. I tried it out and was disappointed by the chaotic process and quality but amazed by the idea. I theorized that I could do it a lot better and many small shops would be interested in a narrowly focused vector redrawing and embroidery digitizing service if the price was low, service responsive and the turnaround less than 24 hours. I borrowed $25K from my parents and got to work building Artwork Source(now Ignition Drawing). We hired two great people - and artist and software engineer and launched in a few weeks. After a lot of pain and suffering, we reached a few hundred art projects per day.

We later followed the same formula and created Arrow Emblems and Emerald City Embroidery. Our newest division, Layout Lab, allows small shops to have the same design tools as the big online companies for a low monthly price.

Our entrepreneurial spirit has raised every year and we have quite a few new ideas in development.
- Cory Dean

About Us

LayoutLabNewLayout Lab 2.0 Launches We optimized our designer to better serve your business with lots of new features and a new look!

IGDArtwork Source and 24 Hour Artwork combine forces to become Ignition Drawing Originally launched with separate business models but always run by the same team

LayoutLabLayout Lab Designer Tool is launched After several years of development, we’ve created a tool to aid our customers in creating artwork, without the need of expensive software. Aid your own customers in creating designs for you, with your very own Private Label.


TukwilaMoved to a new facility in Tukwila, WA We outgrew the size of our Tacoma office. Relocating gave us a chance to bring our sister companies under the same roof and have our own production factory on site.

HPIAcquired HPI Emblem and Best Suzhou A very strong player in the patch business, aquiring HPI has allowed us to further grow the services we could offer our customers.


Cap comboIntroduced Flat/Cap combo for embroidery orders We found the opportunity to streamline this process and save our customers money.

AWSRArtwork Source website redesigned With an increased customer base, it was time for a redesign and increase in performance.

ECEOur sister company, Emerald City Embroidery is launched Besides offering a new service, this has given us the opportunity to take our digitizing service to the next level by being able to Sew-out our projects and keep our digitizers up to date on techniques and potential issues our customers would run in to, on a daily basis.

AEMOur sister company, Arrow Emblems is launched A whole new line of products could be created thanks to our new ventures in digitizing.

Digitizing ServiceAdded Digitizing Service As the company grew,demand for a new service developed.

AWSArtwork Source is launched Originally offering only Vector redraw services.

IDEAA new idea is born Cory Receives a Spam Email about $10 Vector Art service which sparked the idea for a new business. Artwork Source was launched a month later with a simple website.

Recognition Plus Cory starts working for the family bussiness at Recognition Plus